Become an Official LawnLift™ Distributor and or Service provider today!

Grass painting has taking the nation by storm! Over the past several years, we have seen and experienced enormous growth in sales and an ever increasing demand for distributors, sales representatives and service providers throughout the country. Let us help you succeed by becoming an official LawnLift™ Distributor Today.

Here's all it takes to become an Official LawnLift™ Distributor:

  2. Simply fill out one of our applications (Online or Hard Copy)
  3. Agree to LawnLift™ Terms and Conditions
  4. Possess at least one of these valid Licenses:
    • Contractor's License
    • Business License
    • Resale License


Don't have a License? (Personal Accounts can be established using SS# for Income tax purposes only) Call for more info

Here's what you can expect when you become an Official LawnLift™ Distributor:

  • Ability to Purchase Product at Wholesale Margins
  • Ability to earn royalties on sales*
  • Customized 24 Hour Online Back Office with Secure Login
  • Official LawnLift™ Artwork for marketing etc., i.e., Logos (vector, jpg., png., pdf.)*
  • Professional Sales Literature i.e., Brochures (100 Count)
  • Official Personalized Rubber Stamp
  • Placement on as official distributor with all contact info etc.
  • LawnLift™ Licensing rights*
  • Priority Corporate Customer Service and Support. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST
  • Professional Business Consultation with LawnLift™ Operations


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