Family on Lawn

"My lawn went to heck after my wife fell ill and I felt terrible about the way it looked to my nighbors. I purchased the product and sprayed it green myself; it looks great and how easy! Wife is fine now and so is the lawn."

Todd and Tammy Webster
Temecula, CA

"I recieved a $460 violation from the city and had it dismissed 6 days later after I sprayed my yard!"

Danny Morgan
Encinitas, CA

"A great product for H.O.A's and realtors facing unkept lawns"

Fox, Raliegh

"After purchasing Lawnlift to spray my listings lawn I have seen a positive turn around in interest and sales; 8 days after I had a listing sprayed it sold! It had been on the market for 11 months!"

Alex Freeman
Encinitas, CA

"I had a holiday party and the lawn needed help! I purchased a Quart and got the job done quick. The next door neighbor came by and was so impressed he purchased some the same day and sprayed it this weekend. Now we have the whole neiborhood asking us how to keep up thier lawns. Trust me, it looks so real no one can tell the difference!"

Paul Franco
Del Mar, CA

"I overfertilized my backyard's grassy areas and it developed numerous yellow patches that ruined its appearance. I was planning a BBQ party so it was a minor disaster. I stumbled onto "lawn paint" as a possible solution while researching on the internet but could not find any stores that carried it..a Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace. Fortunately I found a Lawnlift source was located in my county and they had small quantities of the product on site for retail. I jumped in the car and headed over. The gentleman I dealt with was great and explained how to apply the product and its qualities. A short trip to Home Depot to pick up a sprayer, and I was in business. I was AMAZED at how well this product worked. The color blends perfectly with the healthy grass and my lawn looks better than ever. It gets a short daily sprinkling which hasn't affected the results at all. My front yard was very uneven looking due to dog pee spots, patchy sun exposure, I headed there with my Lawnlift sprayer and voila ! another transformed lawn. I've seen some negative comments about lawn paint on internet blogs and I can't imagine why people are so resistant. It is basically organic food coloring...think green beer, dyed easter eggs, red devils food cake...but unlike older grass paint products, the color has been perfected and you cannot tell it has been applied. It will definitely save on water as there is now no need to use so much just to keep the lawn green in the dry Southern California summer. This stuff is GREAT. "


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