Family on Lawn

"My lawn went to heck after my wife fell ill and I felt terrible about the way it looked to my nighbors. I purchased the product and sprayed it green myself; it looks great and how easy! Wife is fine now and so is the lawn."

Todd and Tammy Webster
Temecula, CA

"Our sprinkler system wasn't working, and we needed something to green up our lawn fast in order to avoid a fine from our HOA. Saw this as a cheaper alternative to sod. The mix they recommend was a little darker green than I like, so I diluted it a little more and applied it with a sprayer from our local home improvement store. I was able to blend the yellowing (full sun) half of our lawn into the naturally green (shaded) half relatively effortlessly so it looked uniform. Took before and after photos and the difference was so striking my brother accused me of photoshopping it! I told him it was "sunscreen for grass." It stayed nicely green through the summer (applied in July) and faded as we mowed the painted grass away through the fall so we aren't stuck with an unnaturally green lawn. Now that it's January, we do have a bit of a green to slightly blue-green tint in some parts of our thatch, but you don't notice from the street which is all the HOA cares about. I hope to get a better start on our lawn this spring, but if it doesn't work I have more LawnLift on standby. Some hints: You will want to protect any adjoining cement or surface you don't want dyed. It doesn't come off very well - I have one green brick now that I just had to turn upside down to hide the green, and I'm glad I realized that before I got to the part near the driveway. I used painters tape to line the edge of my lawn and that worked well. It will dye your sprayer, but not clog it as long as you clean it out. It does dry quickly, less than an hour, so there's not a problem of kids or pets bringing it back into the house or a sudden rainstorm washing it away. Someone complained about their shoes being dyed, but I had walked backwards during application or to the side of the newly painted area so I didn't have that problem. In the demo video I saw that instead of side to side then up and down, they sprayed in a circluar motion which prevents having to go over it a second time the other direction so that's a time-saver. Start with the most green you think you'll want, and then dilute if it's too dark because it's easier to add water than product. The company is great to work with. They really want to make sure you're happy with the product and will help you with any application questions you may have. I give it 5 stars because it really does work and accomplished the initial goal of getting the HOA off my back."

Realistic Expectations

"I love this product ....My neighbors are so jealous of my lawn. I had one neighbor ( whom is always competing for the best neighborhood lawn) walk by my house and stare at my he even put a sprinkler system in..trying to get the same effect as mine. This is my little secret... I love it! "


"OK I overdid the fertilizer...and even though the package said it would not burn the yard...I ended up with multiple yellow patches of dead grass just before my big party. It looked BAD. Then I stumbled onto this product on the internet..and there happens to be a small office in my city where they have a few bottles for retail. I picked up a bottle and went to work. It was amazing ! ! You can dilute it to the shade you want and it did a great job of blending and making the yard look nice and healthy green all over. It has lasted for 2 months with an occasional freshup here and there. It is completely nontoxic..along the lines of food coloring. Most of the lawn has come back since then but I keep a supply of lawnlift handy just in case. "

Joe DeMaio

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